PODCAST EP#12 – Anger on the Disc Golf Course

Episode #12: Anger

Appalachian Disc Golf and Audible



“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.”

-Mark Twain


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On this podcast Zach, Tim, and I discuss whether or not displays of anger have any place on the disc golf course and whether or not it is beneficial to “let it out” or to “just move on.”


Tim – Westside Harp

Zach – Innova Colt

Pat – Discmania MD2
a8ffaf21-5a13-4ead-927f-994a7fd0f781Discmania MD2 P-Line


Every podcast we give away a signed book to a random person who left a 5 STAR review on Amazon!

on July 15, 2015

This book is a definite must read for all disc golfers of all skill and interest levels. Zen and the Art of Disc Golf is NOT an in depth how-to for improving your focus or a tutorial on how to perform under pressure. Zen and the Art of Disc Golf is a basic foundation for internal dialogue – a place to begin a conversation with yourself about who you are on and off the course. This book’s primary goal is to encourage you to look internally, instead of externally, when shots go poorly or even when your game is going well – which is a very strong attribute to have when looking to maintain a good, healthy attitude.

I’ve recommended this book to all the guys I regularly play with and they all feel the same way. However, things really started to click when I listened to the audiobook in the car with my non-disc-golfing wife. I told her that I wanted to share the book with her and fill her in on some of the things I’ve been internalizing and thinking about because of the book. We listened to Zen and the Art of Disc Golf from beginning to end in one go and even my wife loved it. She even asked to listen to it again on the way home because she wanted to make sure she didn’t miss anything. After the second listen through with her, she began a dialogue with me that not only highlighted all the things I was taking away from the book but she also shared HER views on who I am as a disc golfer, as a father, and as a husband and how all of those things are intertwined. Sharing the ideas and concepts from Zen and the Art of Disc Golf not only reinforced what I want to work on to become the man and disc golfer I eventually want to be but also indirectly created a support structure in my wife who can help continue the conversation and encourage growth.

Ultimately, it’s not the book that has the potential to help people but the concepts and ideas. Patrick McCormick has done a wonderful job making them relatable and easy to digest without being pretentious or heady. Absolutely worth the read, but the book is only the first step. Happy throwing.



Appalachian Disc Golf and Audible

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