From the bottom of my heart… Thank You.

We did it.

The TEAM BOX KICKSTARTER surpassed all expectations, making the dream a reality. 107 backers pledged their hard earned cash to make this happen!

Words cannot express my gratitude for the expression of love all of the backers of this project have expressed by ordering a team box. Because of you, were not only able to make this dream a reality but we surpassed every goal we set out to achieve. I cannot wait to get all of these items together and ship them out to you all.

Let me give you an idea of the timeline we are looking at –

– Kickstarter has a 2 week time frame from the time that the project ends, all the money is collected, and deposited. This date should be around 8/26.

– The lead time for most of the companies we will be using to manufacture the items have a max lead time of 3 weeks. Making sure all of the items arrive to me around 9/16

– I want to add a buffer week in here to get all items together, packaged, and quality controlled. Barring no manufacturer issues this puts us at 9/23

– Then to the post office they go! Give items 3-10 days to arrive (depending on your location and USPS dependability) They should arrive between the last week in Sept and the first week in Oct.

Please understand MY PERSONAL GOAL is to have these boxes to you ASAP and even earlier than expressed in my timeline. I would have them in your hands tomorrow if that was in my power. Most of you understand that I am not a corporation with a warehouse staff at my disposal. I am just a guy who loves disc golf and spreading good, solid, positive energy into the world and I do this from living room with the help from my lovely wife who asks for nothing from me but being a good husband and father.

Thank you again for your pledge. I am super excited about this project and can’t wait to unleash it into the world. Thank you for your patience. And just – thank you – thank you – thank you!

Patrick McCormick

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