PODCAST EP#5- Welcome Back Zach! – Audiobook – Music on the Disc Golf Course?


Episode #5: 

On this episode, we welcome Zach back home to the U.S. and we talk about his trials and tribulations disc golfing in Japan. We mention just how far out the first 4 episodes went out around the world. We talk about the upcoming Zen & The Art of Disc Golf audiobook.

No interview this week as we just jumped into the podcast to welcome back Zach but again –  I have a growing list of interviewees who have agreed to do the show including JohnE McCray and Tim Seward (Mind Body Disc Himself!) Please stay tuned because this thing is just beginning! Please leave a review on iTunes if you like the show. Reviews help more than anything!



“Focus is an internal communication between your conscious self and sub-conscious self that allows you to throw farther, sink putts, and develop incredible accuracy that without focus would simply be unattainable.” (From the pages of Zen & The Art of Disc Golf)



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Music on the disc golf course?


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PODCAST EP#4- Brainstorming Teams, Tags, Tattoos + Interview with Alan Hargreaves (Disc Golf and Mental Health)

Episode #4: 

On this episode, Zach and I check out a disc golf rap made by Dustin, a friend of Zach’s. We also brainstorm the future of Zen Disc Golf from sponsorships to teams, to products, to tattoos. Then we discuss Suge Knight and some of our deepest fears. Following our conversation, I got to talk about mental health and disc golf with Alan Hargreaves, a Team Trilogy disc golfer who will be presenting on disc golf’s connection to mental health at the HOPE Conference in Maine, May 29th.

Ladies and gentlemen, this finishes up what I call the “first 4 pilot episodes” of the Zen Disc Golf Podcast. When I pitched the idea to Zach to do this, we had no idea if anyone would even listen but we went ahead and did them anyway. I contacted 4 interviewees in a week and in 3 days we recorded 4 episodes quickly before Zach had to head out to Japan on business. As always, you – my followers – my readers – and now our listeners have proved to be AMAZING. Because these episodes have gone so well and proven that we have some staying power, we have bumped up our studio equipment to continue to provide better and better quality podcasts and information. There is so much to talk about on Episode 5, Zach will be back in a few days and we will have the next episode out ASAP. I have a growing list of interviewees who have agreed to do the show including JohnE McCray and Tim Seward (Mind Body Disc Himself!) Please stay tuned because this thing is just beginning! Please leave a review on iTunes if you like the show. Reviews help more than anything!



You can have all of the desire in the world, and all of the belief that you can achieve that desire, but if you do not physically practice with persistence, inevitably you either put it into action or you quit before success occurs.” (From the pages of Zen & The Art of Disc Golf)


Brainstorming player sponsorship
Teams, tags, and tattoos?


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Information about the HOPE Conference in Maine, May 29th 2015
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (NAMI)
Team Trilogy Website

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DISCS & ZEN – Growing the sport by owning the sport.

On the Zen Disc Golf Podcast we talk a ton about growing the sport of disc golf and we like to ask the question, “What does growing the sport mean to you? Is it an active process or is it something we hope just sort of happens by dropping the hashtag #growthesport? A few weeks ago, I asked that question on my twitter and got a lot of fantastic responses, all of them really great and unique in there own way.

Over the past few years I have really wanted to get some people from the fire department (where I work) to come out and play, but could never seem to get anyone out on the course. After a long time of failing to make any great stride in getting them to come out and play, I began rationalizing in my mind that it’s just near impossible to interest a bunch of crossfitting, football obsessed, alpha-males to commit to an hour of throwing a bunch of frisbees in the woods.

Then I was transferred to a new station and for some reason I decided I would try a new approach with my new crew. Instead of waiting for them to find out that I played this “weird thing called disc golf” and then putting myself in a defensive position to try and defend snide remarks, I decided to flip the script and go offensive.

I brought my bag of discs in the station and dropped them on the coffee table in the day room and began re-organizing my bag in front of everyone. Then, as I was asked “What are those?” I began answering – “These are disc golf discs. If you’ve never played, it’s a blast! I’m playing tomorrow. I would love to take you out on the course and teach you. I know you’ll love it.”

Within the next few weeks, I had 3 crew members on the course learning to throw. Almost all of them have since bought their first set of discs and year passes to the course. As they put it, they are “all in.” We even have an upcoming tournament between two of our fire stations coming up soon.

Why had it taken me YEARS to get someone from work out on the course? Because instead of merely being defensive over the game – I OWNED it. By owning it, I mean I took pride in it. I showed an enthusiasm which intrigued others and that proved to be way more powerful than casually just mentioning “I play disc golf” and anticipating negative remarks.

There are many ways people are out there growing the sport. In Episode 3 of the Zen Disc Golf Podcast we talk to Good Up Disc Golf, a group of guys in Texas bringing Disc Golf to the public schools and youth. In (upcoming) Episode 4  I get to talk to Alan Hargreaves who brought disc golf to many while doing mental health outreach. But growing disc golf in numbers both small and large really starts with us as being ambassadors of the sport. I admit that this small change in my own attitude has grown the sport by at least 10 new players this past month. At least 1 member of my fire station has already brought his son out to the course, introducing the next generation. All because I decided to OWN it and show the same enthusiasm I show on the podcast or in my book to my co-workers.

It’s really interesting seeing what can be achieved with a solid shift in attitude.

Patrick McCormick
– Author of Zen & The Art of Disc Golf
– Host of The Zen Disc Golf Podcast

Featured photo by @skaibitriinu (Instagram)

PODCAST EP#3- Interview with Good Up Disc Golf (Jason Mason & Chris Kelley)

Episode #3: 

On this episode Zach and I skip the small talk and move right on into our interview with Good Up Disc Golf, a group in Texas that has dedicated themselves to growing the sport from the bottom up by taking it into the public schools and summer camps. These gentlemen are passionate, motivated, and downright inspiring. I sincerely hope you love hearing this interview as much as we loved doing it. We hope to have Jason and Chris back on in the future to help us keep track of their progress. If these guys can’t convince you that growing disc golf comes from teaching the youth, I don’t know what will.

Thank you so much for listening. Our next episode (Episode 4) will feature an interview with Alan Hargreaves, a mental health professional who has been using disc golf for it’s therapeutic effect long before Zen & The Art of Disc Golf existed! Zach and I will also talk about the possibility of a Zen Disc Golf Team, tell you our worst fears, a fight each other over whose going to get a Zen Disc Golf tattoo first. You definitely won’t want to miss this!



“We are our own worst critics. We are quick to program our subconscious in ways that are totally unproductive to our lives.” (From the pages of Zen & The Art of Disc Golf)

INTERVIEW WITH GOOD UP DISC GOLF (Jason Mason & Chris Kelley)(02:16)

Website: http://www.goodupdg.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Goodupdg
Twitter: @goodupdg