Episode #3: 

On this episode Zach and I skip the small talk and move right on into our interview with Good Up Disc Golf, a group in Texas that has dedicated themselves to growing the sport from the bottom up by taking it into the public schools and summer camps. These gentlemen are passionate, motivated, and downright inspiring. I sincerely hope you love hearing this interview as much as we loved doing it. We hope to have Jason and Chris back on in the future to help us keep track of their progress. If these guys can’t convince you that growing disc golf comes from teaching the youth, I don’t know what will.

Thank you so much for listening. Our next episode (Episode 4) will feature an interview with Alan Hargreaves, a mental health professional who has been using disc golf for it’s therapeutic effect long before Zen & The Art of Disc Golf existed! Zach and I will also talk about the possibility of a Zen Disc Golf Team, tell you our worst fears, a fight each other over whose going to get a Zen Disc Golf tattoo first. You definitely won’t want to miss this!



“We are our own worst critics. We are quick to program our subconscious in ways that are totally unproductive to our lives.” (From the pages of Zen & The Art of Disc Golf)

INTERVIEW WITH GOOD UP DISC GOLF (Jason Mason & Chris Kelley)(02:16)

Website: http://www.goodupdg.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Goodupdg
Twitter: @goodupdg

One thought on “JASON MASON & CHRIS KELLEY | Good Up Disc Golf | S1E3

  1. goodup’s website and twitter are dead links! Are they still active? Loved the idea and want to do it here, but can’t locate them

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