See The Gap, Not The Trees (Obstacles and Adversity) |S1E10

Originally episode #10
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“The struggle against an obstacle inevitably propels the fighter to a new level of functioning. The extent of the struggle determines the extent of the growth. The obstacle is an advantage, not adversity. The enemy is any perception that prevents us from seeing this.”
– The Obstacle is the Way
by Ryan holiday


“As far as I know, there is no world championship of taking a nice hot shower.  There isn’t a new Olympic event that involves sleeping in on a Sunday.  No one ever challenged anyone else to see who could be more relaxed after a massage.”
by Tim Steward

“In fact, hitting a tree and finding a poor lie only makes you a better player. It forces you to play it where it lies. It forces you to develop an arsenal of shots and skills you may never develop if you did not occasionally find yourself in a bad situation. It forces you to build resilience, a characteristic that is not only imperative in disc golf but in survival as well. Next time you hit a tree right off the tee and begin to beat yourself up, remind yourself, even pros hit trees. Hitting a few trees is not what separates a recreational player from becoming a pro. What separates a pro from a rec player is what the pro does next.”

Zen & The Art of Disc Golf
by Patrick McCormick

The second component to understanding where your confidence comes from is understanding what is called “critics math”. Critics math is something that we all suffer from. It’s the mind’s screwed up way of only remembering the bad things that have happened instead of the good. The term comes from authors, actors, directors, musicians, etc…

Confidence is a Result (on critics math) –
by Tim Steward


I’m new to the sport, about a month in and I have a few questions that I’m wondering if you could answer.

My first question is for the Buzzz disc, should I get the Elite X plastic or the Elite Z? I was leaning more towards the Elite X 164g, but I’m not sure. It will be my first mid-range disc.

Second question, could you tell me a few situations in which certain discs should be used rather than others? I have been using only two discs, my Champion Wraith 139g driver and I just switched from a Maniac p1 171g putter to a Rhyno 169g. I really want to be good at this sport so I want to understand when certain discs should be used and when they shouldn’t be.


Tim – Dynamic Discs Trespass
thumb2_4e5efbd9-4f5c-4bf2-abe9-11a81a5f62afDynamic Discs Trespass Fuzion.thumb

Zach – Gateway Discs Mystic
thumb2_f6808989-12b3-4fef-96ae-880d9e6702b5Gateway Mystic Suregrip.thumb

Pat – Westside Underworld
thumb2_5c58deea-8c83-4c6d-9e3d-8f718361f104Westside Underworld Tournament.thumb


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Every podcast we give away a signed book to a random person who left a 5 STAR review on Amazon!

5 STARS Achieving Zen in not only Disc Golf, but in work and life in general
on June 25, 2015
Format: Paperback

I was a listener to the Zen and the Art of Disc Golf podcast before I read this book, but now that I have finished it I really wish I wouldn’t have waited so long! I have been playing Disc Golf for just over a year now and have always played with people better then me and my scores usually don’t compete with theirs. Often times I found myself getting down on myself while playing. This book has changed that. It has taught me to have confidence in myself when I am playing and to recognize the positive aspects of my rounds There is so much good advice jam packed into the pages of this book. As the title of my review says this book not only helps in disc golf but life in general. I have found myself wanting to be a better employee at work, and a better dad at home since reading this book. Get this book now and read it. It will help you not only on the course, but maybe more importantly off the course. Thank you Patrick for such a great book.


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