Disc Golf 101 (For Beginners + Intermediates) |S1E9

Originally episode #9


On this episode we get back to the basics and talk Disc Golf 101 with the Ticklish Hamster and Mind Body Disc. This podcast is super informative and has wide ranging information sure to make you say – “Huh, I didn’t know that!” no matter how many years you have been playing or what your PDGA ranking. The 3 of us even learned something on this super fun podcast!

This podcast had so much great information, I went into far greater detail on the blog post – Disc Golf 101 – The Ultimate Guide for Disc Golf Beginners.


“The future is out of your control. Enjoy what is happening right now. Do what is appropriate. What is right in the present moment and let the future be the future.”

– Brad Warner (Hardcore Zen)


5* Thanks 🙂

on June 15, 2015
The realization that Disc Golf in 80% mental & 20% physical led me to start following Zen & the art of DG on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and oh yeah, listen to a podcast or two. Being calm and taking in nature and clearing your head to make that perfect shot. Easier said than done, but Pat does a wonderful job across all forms of media inspiring you live in the moment and just throw. Thank you!
(08:30) DISC GOLF 101

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