JEREMY ZABOROWSKI | CHAIN CUTTERS UNION | S1E2   Episode #2:  On this episode Zach and I tell our WORST disc golf stories (So don’t wear your judgie pants while listening), we give away another signed book to someone who left a 5* review on Amazon, and we interview Jeremy Zaborowski of Chain Cutters Union ( Thank you so much for listening. Our … Continue reading JEREMY ZABOROWSKI | CHAIN CUTTERS UNION | S1E2

ALAN BARKER | INFINITE DISCS | S1E1   Episode #1:  This is episode number 1, the premier, the debut, the first run! On this episode we talk all things disc golf, from the mental to the physical. And we had the excellent opportunity to interview one of our sponsors, Alan Barker of We also talk disc weight and give away a signed book to a lucky … Continue reading ALAN BARKER | INFINITE DISCS | S1E1