GREGG BARSBY | S3E6 |2018 PDGA World Champion | Innova | Millennium | Upper Park | Disc Golf

On Season 3, Episode 6, of the Zen Disc Golf Podcast, I got a chance to sit down and talk to Gregg Barsby about everything including disc golf (of course), music, how he got started, sponsorships, Barbsy Battles, and everything else under the sun. This was a very fun episode and I hope you enjoy listening as much as both of us had fun recording.

For more Barsby:
IG: @greggbarsby

For more Zen Disc Golf:
IG: @zendiscgolf

Cover photo by Local Route Photography
IG: @localroutedg

Episode 6 Disc Giveaway – Innova Discs Star Pig – Infinite Discs Cyborg Pig Stamp

According to “This overstable putter has a big thick Thumtrac Rim. The Pig is a slow overstable disc that hardly glides. It’s great for hyzer putts and throwing into headwinds. The Innova Pig is available in the soft grippy R-Pro plastic.” (


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Winner announced via comment response on Feb 8, 2021.

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