JAMES CONRAD | S3E5 | 2019 USDGC Champion | MVP Discs

On Episode 5 of the Zen Disc Golf Podcast, I got a chance to talk to 2019 USDGC Champion, James Conrad. During the show we talk about his big sponsorship transition from Innova to MVP Discs. We also talk about how he got started in the sport, his particular throwing style, what he is working on in the off-season, and where the James Conrad brand is heading in the future.

IG @James_conrad_iii

Episode 5 Disc Giveaway – MVP Discs Neutron Particle Putter – Cthulhu Stamp

According to InfiniteDiscs.com- “The Particle is a putter that was introduced in the 2017 MVP Circuit. This is a microbeaded, flat-top putter that leans towards the overstable side. The Particle is a great putter off the tee or for finding chains at close range. It can handle a lot of torque, which is great for high speed drives off the tee or for confident upshots. On longer putts, the Particle will fade towards the end of flight.” (https://infinitediscs.com/MVP-Particle)


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