ALAN MUSSELMAN – Tribaloid Disc Golf Video Game App | S2E2

Originally episode #19


If you’ve read my book, Zen & The Art Of Disc Golf, you know that I place great emphasis on how having a proper attitude sets the foundation for everything in life and on the course, but If there was one thing I wish I could go back and spend more time is talking about, it is that the fastest way to develop a proper attitude is by adding a gratitude routine to your day.
Gratitude fuels attitude. When we have a gratitude mindset, the mind starts looking for ways to fulfill vision. Vision is anything we want: a good drive, sinking a putt, a promotion at work, anything!
The opposite of gratitude is thanklessness, and when w are thankless, we are programmed to only see the things we don’t have, can’t do, all sorts of negativity, and our mind becomes programmed in that direction. And where the mind goes, so does the body.
I recently read a gratitude routine that I think is probably really effective – use a jar, box, container and put it at your front door with small slivers of paper next to, and everyday before you leave your house take one of the sheets of paper and write down:
1. Something you are grateful for.
2. Something that you want.
3. The actions you will take to get there.
So an example would be:
1. I am thankful for all of this excellent plastic in my disc golf bag.
2. I would like to sink more 25 foot putts.
3. I am going to do this by practicing putting every day.
Another example might be in your life off of the course:
1. I’m thankful that I wake up every morning with a roof over my head.
2. Number two I would really like a promotion at work.
3.  I am going to do this buy leading by example thus showing my value to my employer.
There’re many different ways you can add a gratitude routine to your day this is just one idea, journals are excellent, mantras are great, but no matter what you do – I promise adding gratitude to you routine will change your life for the better.
Another tool for your disc golf bag


On this podcast we were joined by Alan Musselman, the founder of disc golf video game company – Tribaloid.



Pay to play – Up for consideration and debate – a controversial topic revolving around paying to play a round of disc golf at your local course.


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Every podcast we give away a signed book to a random person who left a 5 STAR review on Amazon! 

on November 4, 2015
What a great book! I have been a huge fan of the podcast and I recently received the book as a gift. Not only does this book help your game, it provides a plethora of ways to better your life as well! A truly great read!


Every podcast we give away a mixed bag item to a random person who left a 5 STAR review for the podcast on iTunes! If you are vdWcontact,  contact us for your brand new Amsterdam Open Stamped Gateway Wizard!

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One thought on “ALAN MUSSELMAN – Tribaloid Disc Golf Video Game App | S2E2

  1. I started listening to your podcast about 3 weeks back. The concepts in them have not only helped my game on the course but in various situations in my daily life. When I used to frustrated after a bad shot, or missed putt my game would tank. Now I move on. I am looking forward to getting the book even more now than I was before. Thanks for making the podcast so available.

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