Latitude 64 PURE Disc Review (Putter)

This disc was reviewed by Tim Steward on Episode 8 of the ZEN DISC GOLF PODCAST (@25:00):

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“If we could only talk about one disc… I have by far one favorite in my bag, which is the Latitude 64 PURE. I am a huge fan.

I am a big believer in throwing a putter whenever you can. It gives you a ton of control, and if I’m 250 feet or closer to the basket, wind permitting, if I can throw the PURE, I will.

It is super straight. The numbers from our friends at Infinite Discs, list the PURE as a 3 speed, 3 glide, 0 turn, and 0 fade. The PURE is a point and shoot disc. It goes right were you aim it.

The other thing I really like about it is that when you get those discs with the 0 turn and 0 zero fade, they really make you throw with good clean form and reward that proper form. So if you can get this disc down, Or a disc like this down, I think it translates to the rest of your bag and it doesn’t hurt that last year I got my first tournament ace with a PURE. Now even if I find something I like better, it cannot leave my bag.”

-Tim Steward

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