Latitude 64 MISSILEN Disc Review (Driver)

This disc was reviewed by Patrick McCormick on Episode 8 of the ZEN DISC GOLF PODCAST (@29:00):

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“I think [I bought this disc] at Play-It-Again. I believe I gave one of these away on the Facebook, and I just saw how everyone was jumping on the bandwagon to to try to one. That [contest] had one of the most entries I have ever had for a disc giveaway, so I said I have got to try one of these out myself…

So, I picked one up and holy cow is this thing overstable! But I LOVE IT. For some reason I really love overstable discs. According to Infinite Discs, it says that ‘the unique hexagonal cavities on the disc are designed to reduce drag’ I don’t know about all that, that’s a little scientific for me [laughter], but I will say this is one of the discs that I have that I have thrown the farthest. I almost always throw it with a flick and  almost always angle the wing up quite a bit… The skip on this disc just goes forever…

The Latitude 64 Missilen has a speed 15, glide 3, turn 0, fade 4. I probably don’t power it to speed 15, but I’ll even throw it on a short dogleg right with a flick and because it [fades] so nice for me.”

-Patrick McCormick
Author of Zen & the Art of Disc Golf
Host of the Zen Disc Golf Podcast

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