Gateway VOODOO Disc Review (Putter)

This disc was reviewed by Zach Engelhart on Episode 8 of the ZEN DISC GOLF PODCAST (@27:00):

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“I have what I like to call a serious putter addiction. I have to have them all, they are like pokemon. [This episode] I went with the Gateway Voodoo Soft. For Gateway soft means CONCRETE [laughter]. It’s a good stable putter and it’s hard as a rock. It fits my hand well. [Pat has seen me] throw this disc on hundreds of up-shots and has seen maybe 2 or 3 go awry – and even then that was with a hard head-wind. And that thing is 5 years old. They wear really slow. It’s a 3 speed, 4 glide, 0 turn, 1 fade. It’s a putt and approach and it’s for everybody. I have used it as just a putter for years, switched and used some other stuff, I have just recently come back to it, but it stays in my bag as an upshot disc. It would take a real, real, mean dude to take it away from me.”

-Zach Engelhart
-Co-host Zen Disc Golf Podcast

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