SCOTT STOKELY | S3E2 | World Distance Record Holder | 17x World and Nation Disc Golf Champion

On Episode 2 of the podcast, I sat down and talked to world distance record holder and 17x disc golf champion, Scott Stokely. This episode was actually part two of our conversation. Part one of this conversation is Episode 10 of the Scott Stokely Podcast.

00:00:25 – Introduction
00:02:14 – Interview begins
00:04:20 – “Growing Up Disc Golf” Book/The History of Disc Golf
00:11:15 – The 7th Touring Disc Golfer
00:16:12 – Bringing merchandise on the road
00:18:57 – Double disc court []
00:25:06 – The rise of Disc Golf technology (baskets, discs, courses)
00:30:12 – Guinness Book Disc Golf Distance Record Holder
00:40:16 – Scott’s mental game evolution
00:51:41 – Blue power events / Autism Awareness / Special Needs Disc Golf
01:06:38 – “Always play the slowest disc possible.” 01:10:24 – Scott’s review of the Kastaplast Berg

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