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Ladies and gentlemen,

DISC GOLF STRATEGY AND TACTICS was released early on Amazon this morning in paperback format. We were able to fast-track the book to get it into your hands well before Christmas as it is being shipped PRIME.

I am super excited to present all 265 pages of this new book with you. This was the disc golf book that I always wanted. A book that I wish I had 23 years ago and one that I wish I had not waited to research.

Zen & The Art of Disc Golf author Patrick McCormick returns to tackle the game’s physical tactics and strategy. Strategy & Tactics begins with everything you ever need to know about discs: types, stability, ratings, and weight. McCormick then takes an in-depth look at each throwing tactic and when to use each to improve your round: sunshine, wind, or rain. Finally, McCormick reveals keys to disc golf strategy from the course level down to strategizing each shot.

In this book, you will learn:

  • Why different types of discs exist.
  • The science of disc stability.
  • How disc weight affects throwing distance
  • Tips and tricks for backhands, forehands, rollers, and more!
  • How to throw in different wind conditions.
  • The difference between training, practice, and play.
  • Many field, accuracy, and putting drills to prepare you for victory.
  • Many disc golf challenge ideas to keep your friendly rounds interesting
  • How to use the gym to improve your game.
  • Mental tools and tricks to get out of your own head when playing competitively.
  • Learning the course, competition, and yourself to aid in determining course strategy.

Purchase your copy on AMAZON. The Kindle version will be released sometime in January 2021. The Audible version will be released sometime between February and March on 2021.



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