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Welcome to the ZEN DISC GOLF PODCAST, hosted by Patrick McCormick, Zach Engelhart, Tim Steward, and Chris Bawden. Join us as we talk all things disc golf from the mental to the physical and we also talk to people around the globe truly growing this great sport!

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Patrick McCormick


Host and author of Zen & The Art of Disc Golf

Hometown – Virginia Beach, VA
PDGA# – 73859
Years Playing – 18
Favorite Course – The Blockhouse – Spotsylvania, VA
Home Course – Bayville Park – Virginia Beach, VA

Go-to Driver – Vibram Lace
Go-to Mid – Vibram Ibex & Discmania MD2
Go-to Putter – KC Pro Aviar
First Discs – Innova DX Viper (Not recommended for new players!) & Innova Birdie

Beginner Tip – “Technique before power before discs. Find experienced players who can help you form proper throwing technique. Begin playing with very few discs ideally with a good stable putter. Throw that until you get your technique down. Then venture out to miss, then to fairway drivers, then distance drivers.”

Mental Tip – “Positivity is the foundation of focus. Visualization is the key to lowering scores. For more read my book Zen & The Art of Disc Golf.”

Zach Engelhart


Co-host and disc knowledge expert

Hometown – Watson, NY
PDGA# – 71470
Years Playing – 5
Favorite Course – Blue Angel Park – Pensacola, FL

Go-to Driver – Innova Valkyrie
Go-to Mid – Discraft Buzzz
Go-to Putter – Dynamic Discs Warden
First Disc – Innova Dart

Beginner Tip – “Remember, we all have to start somewhere. No one is born perfect”

Mental Tip – Positive visualization trumps all.

Tim Steward


Co-host and blogger at Mind Body Disc

Hometown – Round Lake, IL
PDGA # – 28106
Years playing – 12
Home Course – Same
Go to driver – DD Trespass
Go to mid – DD Evidence
Go to putter – Lat 64 Pure
First Disc – Discraft XS
Beginner tip – “Learn to throw a putter off the tee with no flutter and good distance. Everything else stems from that. And putt a lot.”
Mental tip – “Don’t overthink things. Get out, have fun, play.”

Chris Bawden


Co-host and blogger at Disc Golf Puttheads

Hometown – East Lansing, MI
Years Playing – 13
Favorite Course – Pine Hills – Laingsburg, MI
Home Course – Burchfield Park – Holt, MI

Go-to Driver – Discraft Crush
Go-to Mid – Prodigy M1
Go-to Putter – Gateway Magic
First Disc – Discraft X-clone, Discraft Marauder – bought at Knollwood Park in Kalamazoo, MI from the back of a pickup truck.

Chris Bawden’s BagSee all the discs Chris has mentioned on the podcast.

Beginner Tip – “Embrace your putter. There’s nothing more enviable than a disc golfer who can do with a putter what others do with a driver.”

Mental Tip –  “Relax. Let go of everything except the anticipation of your next throw.”


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